Discover the 9 Vibrant San Carlos, CA Neighborhoods

San Carlos, CA, welcomes you to the fusion of the old-fashioned and the modern. Living in San Carlos enables residents to enjoy a quiet way of life in the midst of urban noises.

In San Carlos, you’ll find diverse opportunities, including artists, businesses, and offices that provide services such as technology and finance.

If you intend to advance your career or are looking for a place where the conditions for family growth are favorable, then San Carlos neighborhoods are the right choice!

Now, let’s talk about this vibrant city further, shall we?

Overview of San Carlos

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History of San Carlos

San Carlos’ history is a tale of remarkable development. The city that was once behind in progression is now home to sought-after and lovely suburban communities in the state.

Formerly known as “The Town of Laurel” and “Lomitas,” it is today acknowledged and popularly known as “San Carlos, ” the Spanish name for “St. Charles.”

San Carlos’ break as a promising city was felt during the late 19th and 20th centuries when it developed into a center of agriculture. Vineyards, flower fields, and orchards provided a colorful backdrop for the surrounding area and attracted residents seeking a peaceful escape from nearby San Francisco.

Although known as a rural community, San Carlos has the potential to become a bustling city because of its ideal location in the Bay Area.

True enough, as years passed, San Carlos thrived as a city with abundant opportunities for technology and the arts.

Many families started to relocate to the neighborhoods in San Carlos, and even returning veterans from the world war were looking for a place in the suburban paradise.

It paved the way for the city to be known as a suburban haven where the serenity of a small town is found but with accessibility to city amenities.

Geography and Climate

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San Carlos has a total area of 5.54 square miles in San Mateo County, California, United States. North of the city lies San Francisco and San Jose on the south.

San Carlos has dry and warm summers with temperatures ranging between 70s to 80s Fahrenheit (about 24°C to 28°C). The city experiences wet winters with temperatures between 40s and 60s Fahrenheit (7°C to 16°C).

Overall, the climate and weather in the city are favorable for outdoor activities all year round!

Neighborhoods in San Carlos

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White Oaks neighborhood has a historical charm that captivates the hearts of visitors. The residential area has a collection of pre-war properties that still carry with them their undeniable glory.

In White Oaks, homebuyers can choose between historic and modern houses. Both are excellent choices for everyone who wants a house in California.

Reasons to Choose White Oaks:

  • You want to be close to White Oaks Elementary School, which is famous for its high-quality education.
  • You want to live around people who care for each other and have a sense of belonging.
  • You are drawn to homes with a historical charm dating back to pre-war.
  • You aspire to indulge in luxurious living.
  • You would like houses with sizes between 1,030 and 1,050 square feet.
  • You wish for a big house ranging from 232.4 to 423.8 square meters.
  • You may want a house with 3-4 bedrooms, which creates an excellent opportunity for families of up to 6 members to be assembled.
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Howard Park is one of the oldest San Carlos neighborhoods. When Howard Park opened its doors in 1915, it was known as Laurel Street Park. From 1915, the neighborhood experienced a lot of development that aimed to increase its desirability and livability.

Today, the neighborhood is now a top pedestrian-friendly community in San Carlos. Peaceful, tree-lined lanes create a cozy, small-town feel that appeals to many people.

Howard Park San Carlos Real Estate has the best resale rate in the city because of its convenient proximity to downtown.

Reasons to Choose Howard Park:

  • You have the pleasure of convenient dining services since myriads of cafes and restaurants are located nearby.
  • Variety is what you seek here, with better choices in apartments, condos, and single-family homes.
  • You are interested in condominiums priced with floor plans for separate living units ranging from 768 to 1,100 square feet.
  • You are looking for a house within this size alteration from 1,800 square feet to 2,400 square feet.
  • You are looking for houses with one to three bedrooms and one to two bathrooms, representing more compact style plans.
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You have just entered the oldest community in San Carlos, Cordes! This San Carlos vicinity has many of the charming qualities one would expect from a family-oriented or retiree community.

The neighborhood enjoys a corner lot with a breathtaking hillside view, making it one of San Carlos’s best-looking neighborhoods.

Cordes consists of a blend of pre-war and post-war, high-end, and entry-level properties, mostly built in the 1970s and 1980s. The community is well-known not only for its family-friendly atmosphere but also for its friendly people.

Reasons to Choose Cordes:

  • You wish to have access to Arguello Park, which provides a variety of leisure activities such as playgrounds, sports fields, basketball courts, and walking paths.
  • You dream of a great mountain view that will wake you up in the mornings.
  • If you want to attend Carlmont High School, which has outstanding educational opportunities.
  • You are interested in a single-family home anywhere from 990 to 1,800 square feet.
  • You want a housewith 0.18 acres of land, large lots that provide ample room for a large patio, a lush backyard, and a two-car garage.
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Beverly Terrace has a collection of aesthetically pleasing residences, including historical cabins, mid-century modern homes, and gorgeous canyons and bays.

Luxurious mini-mansions with roomy floor layouts and expansive lots with potential for extension are examples of more contemporary buildings.

The many off-leash locations for dog owners and the paved pathways for jogging, walking, or strolling with their kids will delight nature enthusiasts. This neighborhood is fantastic for homebuyers with an active lifestyle.

Choose Beverly Terrace if:

  • You want to live in a San Carlos neighborhood with several parks and community gardens surrounding your home.
  • You want to live in an upscale neighborhood in San Carlos.
  • You want a house located in a peaceful area, with 1,040 to 1,520 square feet of internal living space.

5. Alder Manor

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Alder Manor is a lovely community in San Carlos, thanks to its natural landscape. The neighborhood is mountainous, giving off the area’s suburban charm.

The majority of the properties in the community are single-family houses, while a few condominiums are sprinkled throughout. Most homes are spacious; several have split-level designs that blend well with the neighborhood’s striking landscape.

Choose Alder Manor if:

  • You want to live in a San Carlos neighborhood with numerous parks and hiking trails available to residents, providing a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise.
  • You want a stunning backdrop for your property.
  • You want a house with a 741 to 1,640 square feet floor area.
  • You want a larger house ranging from 3,509 to 5,170 square feet.
  • You want an upscale home that might include four or six bedrooms.

6. Clearfield Park

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Clearfield Park is a San Carlos neighborhood with a more affordable home collection. This residential area is sought-after thanks to its gorgeous starter and newly built houses.

You can purchase a luxurious home in Clearfield Park for under $2 million! Although it is more affordable than the other San Carlos neighborhoods, Clearfield Park is still a premier residential area for its ideal location.

The neighborhood sits near all San Carlos amenities, commercial establishments, transportation, and more. Additionally, homes for sale in Clearfield Park, San Carlos, are near prestigious schools, parks, and retail establishments.

Numerous top-notch schools, including the highly esteemed San Carlos School District, are conveniently located within walking distance of the neighborhood. Dining and shopping are also easily accessible within a short drive from the Laurel Street retail center!

Choose Clearfield Park if:

  • You want an affordable starter home in San Carlos, CA.
  • You want to live in a neighborhood with high walkability.
  • You want a floor plan with sizes beginning at 1,400 square feet.
  • You want a property with an average lot size of 0.12 acres.
  • You want a newly constructed home with freshly painted cabinetry, quartz worktops, central dining spaces, and wood-burning fireplaces.

7. Burton Park

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The next San Carlos neighborhood is Burton Park. This is an excellent location near local amenities and a park, which is a perfect spot for families.

Due to the allure of living in a park, homes near Burton Park’s sports fields, picnic spots, and playgrounds typically fetch higher prices. Property values are also significantly influenced by the caliber of the San Carlos School District’s surrounding schools, making this location especially appealing to families.

Burton Park is a popular destination in the San Carlos area because of its close-knit neighborhood, family-friendly ambiance, unique mix of natural activities, community events, and easy access to urban services.

Choose Burton Park if:

  • You want to live in a peaceful community.
  • You want to live in a family-friendly neighborhood.
  • You want to live in a community park where recreation is always available.
  • You want to live in a townhome, condominium, or single-family residence.
  • You want a home near schools.

8. Crestview

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Crestview is another lovely neighborhood in San Carlos, CA. The area is home to families and individuals who wish to live in a peaceful community.

It is a genuinely cherished neighborhood in San Carlos. It is where children can have a memorable childhood, and adults can relax and rest easily, knowing they live in a safe community. The green areas are great for relaxing in the sun or throwing a frisbee.

People choose to relocate to Crestview because:

9. Devonshire

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Devonshire is a lovely San Carlos community with gorgeous homes and well-kept lawns. This charming neighborhood is ideal for families and individuals.

Community parks and schools are near this residential area, making it an excellent option for homebuyers looking for a neighborhood where they can start or grow a family. Restaurants, attractions, supermarkets, and museums are close to Devonshire.

Choose Devonshire if:

  • You want quick access to commercial establishments, dining facilities, and attractions.
  • You want to live in a close-knit community.
  • You are looking for a neighborhood that is ideal for families and individuals.
  • You want a neighborhood that has quick access to the city.

Education in San Carlos

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Public Schools

Private Schools

St. Charles SchoolK-8
Bonnie SilvermanK-8

Higher Education

Housing in San Carlos

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Types of Housing

San Carlos, CA’s most relevant housing types are single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Average Rent and Home Prices

Based on the March 2024 market analysis in the area, the median sale price of a home in San Carlos is $2.2 million. This is 11.1% higher than the average home price of the previous year.

Meanwhile, the average rent in the city is $2,542 each month, which is 68% higher than the national average of $1,514 monthly.


San Carlos is an expensive city with above-average rent and home sale prices. Lifestyle, location, job opportunities, education opportunities, and amenities contribute to these numbers.

The city offers a balance of urban and suburban amenities in the Bay area, which makes it an expensive place to live.

Amenities and Attractions

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Parks and Recreation

San Carlos’ parks offer residents fantastic recreation. They have playgrounds, picnic spots, basketball courts, walking routes, and hiking trails.

These parks are well-maintained for the convenience of the residents.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping is a must when you’re in San Carlos. The Laurelwood Shopping Center is an excellent place to shop because of the various stores, restaurants, and services. Locals can quickly get groceries, have lunch, or peruse the stores at this handy location.

Hillsdale Shopping Center is also an excellent option for shopping for your favorite brands in San Carlos. Women can buy clothes from Lululemon or buy make-up from Sephora. It’s practically a one-stop shop because you can also dine in the restaurants located in the shopping center. You may eat at The Cheesecake Factory, Palette Tea Garden, or Shake Shack.


There are plenty of things to do in San Carlos to satisfy your entertainment cravings. These activities could be common to unique ones.

  • LaserMaxx San Carlos is a fantastic place to play laser tag with friends and family.
  • Bay Area Tactical is an ideal location to practice combat, learn basic firearms, and learn tactical courses.
  • Rockin’ Jump is a trampoline park ideal for a fun and exciting San Carlos activity.
Cultural Attractions

San Carlos offers several cultural sights worth seeing. Here’s what’s waiting for you in the city:

The Museum of San Carlos History was built in 1983. This establishment is home to the city’s rich historical background. Thanks to the architecture and memorabilia, visiting this museum is like time-traveling to the past century.

The Hiller Aviation Museum features a fantastic vintage aircraft and memorabilia collection, engaging displays, and educational events.

There are also historical gardens near the city that are worth visiting, such as:

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Public Transportation

The San Mateo County Transit District and Caltrain commuter rail line are the primary public transportation for residents in the area. They operate several routes and stations in the city, connecting San Carlos to neighboring towns and cities.

Residents also have the option to use their bikes or personal vehicles or book Uber or Lyft, depending on their preference.

Wrap Up

Indeed, San Carlos neighborhoods are the epitome of suburban charm. From its family-friendly community, tranquil residential areas, excellent educational scene, and abundant job opportunities, this city never disappoints in its high quality of life!

Whichever neighborhood you plan to move into, whether Cordes, Clearfield Park, Howard Park, White Oaks, Beverly Terrace, or Alder Manor, I can share with you exclusive information about these communities and the homes for sale in them. Feel free to book an appointment with our team by calling 650-218-3353 or sending a message to

Frequently Asked Questions

The schools in San Carlos offer excellent education. The San Carlos School District is dedicated to providing students with promising education in various aspects of their lives. Students attending any San Carlos school are guided in their academic, social, and emotional lives.

The average housing price in San Carlos was valued at $2,233,273 in early 2024.

Here are some of the annual events in the city: