Cost of Living in San Mateo County, CA: How Much You’ll Need to Budget

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San Mateo is a beautiful and historical city in the Bay Area of California, known for its mild climate and scenic vistas. The city is home to about 760,249 people. Although the cost of living in San Mateo is 100% higher than the national average, the city offers an excellent quality of life.

Living in San Mateo is an excellent experience for those who can afford it. If you are considering moving to San Mateo, I highly recommend it!

In this blog post, we will look at the cost of living in San Mateo County so that you can plan your move effectively.

San Mateo California Cost of Living

Housing Cost in San MateoSince finding a comfortable place to live is essential when relocating, let’s start by examining the cost of a house in San Mateo.

San Mateo is among the best areas in San Francisco to live when looking for a place to call home. The city has many lovely homes in a tranquil setting and several early 20th-century Craftsman-style houses.

Regardless of their style, all of the houses in San Mateo are well-maintained and add to the overall beauty of the city. The city is well planned and has a well-maintained road for easy movement of vehicles and other means of transportation.

However, the home price in San Matea is a bit high. For example, the median home price in San Mateo is $1,412,529, and the median rent is $4,315 per month. Home cost in San Mateo is 255% higher than the national average.

Despite being one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, San Mateo is a desirable place to call home.

Food Cost in San MateoWe need food to stay alive; thus, it is something to consider when moving. There are several culinary selections in various restaurants in San Mateo.

The city has a strong food culture, and you’ll be able to find just about any type of cuisine that you’re craving. Whether you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food or a delicious plate of sushi, you’ll be able to find it in San Mateo.

One thing to keep in mind is that the food costs in San Mateo are 30% higher than the national average. A loaf of bread costs $4.52, a gallon of milk is $2.89, and a hamburger costs $6.19.

However, San Mateo has many inexpensive dining options if you’re on a tight budget. You can find great deals at the local grocery stores, and several fast-food restaurants are reasonably priced.

Cost of Transportation in San MateoSan Mateo is a large city, and it can be challenging to get around if you don’t have a car. If you rely on public transportation, you’ll need to budget for monthly bus or train passes.

The cost of transportation in San Mateo is 43% higher than the national average. Additionally, you’ll need to budget for parking if you have a car. Parking can be expensive in San Mateo, especially if you’re planning on parking in the city center. The price ranges from $240 to $306 per month.

If you’re moving to San Mateo with children, you’ll need to budget for child care. Typically, raising children is expensive, which is no different in San Mateo. The average cost of one child’s entire day at a private preschool is $1,416.67 per month.

There are several childcare options in San Mateo, and you’ll need to decide what type of care is best for your family. You can choose from daycare centers, nannies, or in-home care.

Finding a reputable provider you can trust is essential regardless of the type of child care you choose.

Health Cost in San MateoHealth is wealth. As a result, before relocating to a new location, it is critical to assess the availability and cost of healthcare facilities.

Healthcare services in San Mateo County are high. Healthcare in San Mateo is 23% higher than the national average. For example, visiting a doctor costs $145.10, and an RX drug is $577.41.

Furthermore, approximately 3.2 million Californians do not have access to comprehensive health insurance. Many people can’t afford health insurance, including those who frequently can’t afford the essential medical costs. 

Despite the high cost of health care in San Mateo County, it is still possible to find affordable coverage. Many organizations and programs offer financial assistance to those who need it. 

In addition, several free and low-cost clinics, such as Samaritan House Free Clinic, provide medical services to low-income and uninsured residents in San Mateo County.

Cost of Living in San Mateo County, CA


All in all, living in San Mateo County is expensive. From my estimation, you must earn a minimum of $6,391 a month to maintain a decent standard of living here, making it one of the most expensive places to live in California. 

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