Neighborhood Spotlight on San Mateo County, CA

Neighborhood Spotlight on San Mateo County, CA Featured Image

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San Mateo County is a flourishing geographic region in California that runs the length of the Santa Cruz Mountains and encompasses much of the San Francisco Peninsula. Because of its vast territory, San Mateo County has seen the development of several residential areas over the years, attracting families, young professionals, and retirees looking for a quiet corner of the dynamic state of California.

These residential communities offer a wide range of amenities such as parks, green spaces, and proximity to shopping districts, restaurants, and recreational facilities, making a living in San Mateo County a convenient and comfortable experience.

Additionally, the county’s close location to Silicon Valley makes it attractive for tech industry workers seeking a suburban lifestyle surrounded by vibrant flora and relaxing waves of the nearby beaches.

There are a lot of distinct San Mateo neighborhoods, so it would be hard for someone unfamiliar with the area to pick out the top ones. We have prepared this article to provide you with an overview of the different residential communities in the area, along with the best things to do in San Mateo County.

Introduction to San Mateo County, CA: A Neighborhood Spotlight

Introduction to San Mateo County, CA

San Mateo County is rich in culture and offers many fun recreational activities that locals can enjoy with friends and family, contributing to the laid-back atmosphere across the area.

It is a diverse region that comes to life during the day and settles down at night as San Mateo’s downtown district is packed with weekend activities, with parents carrying strollers and friends gathering for a round of drinks.

You can explore and roam around its business districts and try out different local favorites, from remarkable restaurants to idyllic cafes. San Mateo County’s diversity is another factor that makes up the character of this multifaceted hamlet in California.

After a hard day, residents can also relax at one of the many yoga studios around San Mateo County. There are also outdoor gyms lining the streets for active buffs and miles of coastline to explore by foot, boat, bike, or golf cart for those enjoying nature and the calm atmosphere in the area.

San Mateo neighborhoods offer a slow-paced lifestyle yet still have access to many amenities and the convenience of the city. Because of this, more and more people want to settle down in the area and buy their forever home in one of the many sought-after communities in San Mateo County.

Baywood, The Lanes, San Mateo Park, and Beresford Manor are some of the most desirable locations in the area, primarily because of their spacious lots and well-maintained communal spaces. These communities are also close to various excellent educational options, perfect for families with school-aged kids.

Best Communities to Live in San Mateo County: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Communities to Live in San Mateo County


Hillsborough is the epitome of luxurious, low-key peninsula living, celebrated equally for its winding, tree-lined lanes, and multimillion-dollar mansions. The community’s expansive and exquisite houses and roadways without sidewalks give it a “woodsy” atmosphere that many find appealing because of its unique charm and convenient accessibility to all main routes.


Burlingame is one of the sought-after communities in San Mateo, with easy access to the bustling city of San Francisco, a long stretch of San Francisco Bay to call its own, and some of the best public and private schools in the area.

One of the nicest shopping areas in northern San Mateo County can be found in Burlingame, attracting many people from all over the region for weekend trips filled with retail therapy, delicious food, and relaxing atmospheres.

Foster City

Throughout the last decade, Foster City has gained a reputation as one of California’s most excellent places to live. The city is home to roughly 31,000 residents that enjoys master-planned community amenities situated on the marshes on the eastern side of San Mateo County, along with the panoramic landscape supplied by the San Francisco Bay.

In addition to being close to the heart of San Mateo, residents of Foster City also benefit from quick and simple access to Oakland and Northeast San Jose through the San Mateo Bridge. Publicly funded schools in Foster City are among the finest in San Mateo County and Northern California.

Living and working in the same city is also possible because of the abundance of reputable companies like Sony Computer Entertainment America, Gilead Sciences, and Guidewire Software, all located in Foster City.

Things to Do and See in San Mateo County: Insider's Guide

Things to Do and See in San Mateo County

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Despite its modest roots, San Mateo County is now one of the Bay Area’s thriving communities with much to offer visitors. It boasts a vibrant and highly suited Mediterranean climate.

San Mateo County’s ideal weather complements the region’s diverse and comprehensive recreational options, including museums, parks, entertainment venues, and restaurants. It gives residents and tourists perfect daylight to enjoy exploring around, away from their homes.

Here are some activities to do in San Mateo County that you should know about before you go on a trip to the area.

CuriOdyssey Museum

One of San Mateo’s most visited landmarks, the CuriOdyssey Museum, can be found at the Coyote Recreation Area. Formerly known as the Coyote Point Museum, it is now an engaging and educational science and wildlife museum where visitors can enjoy exhibits firsthand.

The museum’s impressive exhibits and zoo make it especially appealing to families with young children. Since its opening in 1954, CuriOdyssey has expanded to include various attractions, including realistic animal habitats, scientific exhibitions, and a museum.

Central Park and Japanese Garden

San Mateo County’s Central Park and Japanese Garden is a peaceful haven in the heart of the park’s 16 scenic acres. The garden was created by a Japanese landscape architect who had worked at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for the affluent local mariner who formerly owned the property.

The Japanese Garden has been open to the public since the early 1920s and has been famous for its beautiful cherry and bonsai trees, koi ponds, waterfalls, and grand multi-tiered granite pagoda. You may get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some peace and quiet by taking a walk around.

Sawyer Camp Trail

Sawyer Camp Trail is a six-mile paved track perfect for an afternoon stroll to explore the stunning landscape and diverse wildlife of San Mateo County. The trail’s location above the world-famous San Andreas Fault makes it an exciting place to go for a trek.

From its path, you may also see the beautiful Crystal Springs Watershed and the San Francisco Peninsula. Along the way, you can discover several types of natural habitats, such as the California Oak Woodlands, the Northern Coastal Scrub, and the grasslands home to various animals, including rabbits, deer, and ducks.

Old Downtown San Mateo

There is no better way to spend a few hours than touring San Mateo’s old downtown area, where you can indulge in the city’s delicious cuisine, learn about its fascinating past, and marvel at its beautiful buildings.

One of the most walkable areas in San Mateo County has experienced a stunning change in recent years, making it a mecca for trendy diners and barflies from all over the Bay Area.

Almost every kind of diner imaginable, from upscale steakhouses and seafood joints to casual taco stands and trendy cafes. There are also several restored historic structures in the region, ranging from art deco theaters from the 1920s and 1930s to churches in the Spanish mission style, perfect for history buffs exploring around.

San Mateo’s pleasant year-round climate is ideal for outdoor events like the city’s wildly famous Bicycle Sundays. The San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department set up Bicycle Sundays by barring cars from the Fioli Entry, Highway 92, and Canada Road.

If you are planning to visit San Mateo County, bring your bike so you can quickly get about the area and, of course, participate in the weekly Cycling Sunday ride.

Wrap Up

When it comes to communities and facilities, San Mateo County offers the best in California. It has a laid-back atmosphere while being a culturally and economically vibrant region, making it a desirable location for your next home purchase in California.

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neighborhoods within San Mateo County

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Frequently Asked Questions

San Mateo neighborhoods are a must-see for families looking for the best in terms of amenities and facilities. One of San Mateo’s wealthiest communities is the tri-city area comprising Hillsborough, Burlingame, and Foster City.

Each of these communities has its own set of conveniences, and the homes offered come in a broad range of styles and sizes and are equipped with various elements that any family may customize to their liking.

The tri-city is also conveniently located in close proximity to numerous public amenities, such as restaurants, parks, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals, making them attractive to people of various ages and backgrounds.

The cost of living in San Mateo is significantly higher compared to other adjacent regions in California. The prime location of several Bay Area communities in San Mateo County mainly drives the high cost of living in the area.

Most residential communities in the county are located in close proximity to major employment hubs and commercial areas, enjoy convenient access to major highways, are a few minutes away from the vibrant restaurant and cultural scenes, and are ideally situated near different recreational facilities around San Mateo County.

Pacific Catch is widely considered to be the most outstanding restaurant in San Mateo County. Their dishes showcase a variety of culinary traditions and use ingredients from around the Pacific.

Although there is plenty to see and do in San Mateo County, the area also has a high price tag. Here are some money-saving tips to maximize your visit or stay in the area:

  • Look for parks offering free passes.
  • Try to find a place that serves reasonably priced, high-quality food.
  • Spend less on souvenirs at various tourist hotspots.
  • Use your money wisely by creating a budget.
  • Browse around your San Mateo neighborhood for recreation options that are close by.